The Amorous Lady Death

by Jesse Ludgin

I can see the blood of the others,
  In the air or on land or at sea,
Give them love, give them life, just like brothers,
  For them all to enjoy, but not me.
I can feel in my veins blood has curdled,
  And I yearn like the fiend for his meth,
For my neck with her arms to be girdled,
  Oh amorous Lady Death.

By my word there is none quite so loyal,
  I prefer none I’ve known or have lain,
She’s the end of my work and my toil,
  She’s the end of all love and all pain.
Like the shamed samurai I exalt her,
  With my sword or my knife or my pen;
Share my bed my fair angel, don’t falter,
  Discharge of this world of men.

I can’t walk, I can’t eat, and I linger,
  In the dolorous past that I miss;
I can’t feel with my heart or my finger,
  So my Lady please give me your kiss.
When I think of you love, my knees quiver,
  I can’t help but to feel out of breath,
Yes I’m ready my love, please deliver,
  Oh amorous Lady Death.


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